Dedicated Team Services

Hire India's top talent as your offshore dedicated team and save yourself from recruitment hassles, training & infrastructure cost, and investment for upgrading to new technologies. We use custom teams to help agencies and businesses scale their business capabilities.

Requesting outstaffing services is the way you bring the best talents into your team without going through the typical HR recruitment and training routine.

Building a dedicated team iShore software solutions

Knowledge of your organization
A dedicated team is specially selected to match your needs. Our dedicated teams are able to focus on your specific situations, allowing us to quickly understand how your business works and what it needs.

Fast Team Formation
Our team formation is fast and flexible. Our teams are distributed across varied projects with evolving needs with staff members constantly available for redeployment.

Prescreened Resources
We don’t want to waste your time with appointing inappropriate team members so we prescreen all potential team candidates for your business, keeping your needs as our highest priority.

Dedicated Manager
We always appoint a dedicated team manager. This appointee works with you to build a team with skills suitable to your needs.

Long-Term Relationship
We have a proven history of successful, long-term relationships with clients globally. Our professional teams are good in building lasting relationships and working together efficiently.

Management, How It’s Supposed to be
We prioritize your success by focusing on keeping a well-developed HR process and frequent, honest communication. Our experts are well managed and communicated throughout the projects.

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Why Choose Dedicated Development Team Services?

Maintaining control
When you want to manage resources and keep control over the staff yourself, a dedicated development team works best for you.

Improving team skillset
Outstaffing services let you add best talents, skills, knowledge, experience, and ideas to your project development team.

Gaining expertise
An outstaffing company lets you fill gaps in the technical and industry-specific expertise of your original project team.

Our Hr Process

  • Understanding your business model
  • Gathering insights from expert
  • Recruiting only best in the field
  • Creating an "at home "work atmosphere
  • Evaluating for quality control
  • Training our workforce

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