Finance And Accounting Services

We at iShore Software Solutions offers industry recognized finance & accounting services outsourcing solutions that support end-to-end functions of accounting.

Our accounting and bookkeeping group provides businesses of all sizes with the full range of accounting support, including accounts payable, accounts receivables and general ledger accounting services. With iShore as your outsourcing partner, you can eliminate the need for a full-time accounting staff and accounting software, and pay only for the services you actually need from our highly experienced staff.

The Major Advantages in Outsourced Finance and Accounting

You will improve the productivity of your in-house staff by outsourcing your finance and accounting functions. There are some explanations for this.

Optimizing your current expenditure
Your outsourced accounting provider will assist you in identifying needless costs and cost-saving opportunities while maintaining job quality and performance.

Frees uptime of your in-house staff
In addition to your management, your in-house staff will be able to devote more time to other positions critical to the company's growth.

Offload managerial responsibility
Through contracting the finance staff, company owners and financial administrators will have more resources and attention to spend on the main aspects of their companies (because financial and accounting tasks will be taken off their plate). This is critical for businesses with employees who are a novice in financial accounting but are in charge of other divisions.

Credentials of iShore Software Solutions

  • Management Team with Years of Professional experience- Our trained chartered accountants, CA, and Senior Manager (s) have substantial business expertise as well as extensive outsourcing and consultancy experience.
  • Experience of outsourced web accounting systems- We represent over 100+ companies in NCR and other parts of India, including start-ups, SMEs, and industries
  • Robust infrastructure- Dedicated high-speed internet access, continuous electricity source (24-hour backup), and spacious office company with new amenities
  • Satisfaction- The majority of our firm's clients have been working with us for more than five years.


  • Best-in-class processes with built in, committed productivity gains
  • Flexible and dynamically scalable solution - 45%-65% cost savings
  • Potential to create positive business and cash flow impact
  • Performance evaluation using internal and external benchmarking
  • Combination of business domain knowledge with technology competence to deliver best results

Our Credentials are as follows:

Experienced Management Team
Our qualified chartered accountants, CA and Senior Manager (s) with extensive industry and rich outsourcing & consulting experience.

Outsourced online Accounting services Experience
We serve 100+ businesses from Start-ups, SME, and Industries in NCR and other regions of India.

Clients across Sectors
Our outsource accounting services are designed to provide industry-specific solutions in Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Shipping, and Logistics, Retail and Wholesale, Restaurant and Hospitality, Technology and Telecom

High expertise
Microsoft Dynamics 365, QuickBooks, Tally, NetSuite, XERO, and SAP Business one environment & related software.

Robust Infrastructure
Spacious office firm with set-up with modern facilities, uninterrupted power supply (24-hour backup), and dedicated high-speed internet connectivity.

Most of our firm's clients have been engaging with us for 5+ years periods.

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