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When you have data at your fingertips, you have the power to create truly remarkable marketing campaigns. With help from iShore software solutions, you can tackle your greatest business challenges with insight like never before.

You will build landing pages that hold visitors on your web – and convert them. You will create advertisements based on who the guests are and where they come from. Based on actionable reviews, you can make business decisions.

What is the purpose of analytics? The list is infinite, but analytics are needed if you use any of the following strategies in your digital marketing strategy:

Generally, we provide these types of raw data in your web analytics report.

Web traffic The total number of incoming and outgoing website users in a given span of time.

Views The number of times a certain website has been downloaded

Clicks The number of times a source was pressed

Unique visitors First-time visitors to your website per day, per week or month

Bounce rate The number of users who exit the site easily without engaging, as seen often in Google Analytics, contributes to the bounce rate.

Conversion rate The percentage of users who make transactions on your site, sign up for emails or subscribe to a subscription

Organic traffic Visitors who arrive at the website via a search engine rather than through social media or other blogs

Direct traffic Visitors who arrive at your website by going straight to your url rather than using a search engine

Why Web Analytics Are Important

  • There’s an old business adage that whatever is worth doing is worth measuring.
  • Website analytics provide insights and data that can be used to create a better user experience for website visitors.
  • Understanding customer behavior is also key to optimizing a website for key conversion metrics.
  • With website analytics, you can also accurately track the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns to help inform future efforts.

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