Prioritize leads depending on their potential for income. Throughout your sales cycle, keep track of customer interactions and obtain advice on the greatest upsell, cross-sell, and renewal chances.

Flexible pricing and discount systems for individual consumers and customer groups can help you increase income and better serve your consumers.

Keep track of contracts via the sales order and blanket sales order procedures. Provide clients with information about pricing, discounts, delivery dates, product availability, and fulfillment status on time.


You won't be surprised by a fee because all implementations are fixed-price. We've spent the last two decades honing a speedy deployment and training technique that's tailored to your specific procedures.

Contacts Management 

Keep track of your contacts and tailor your approach to each one. Keep track of all business partnerships' contact information, as well as the persons that are involved with each one. If you submit duplicate contact information, you will be notified.

Campaign Management

Reuse existing segments and organize campaigns for segments of your contacts that you establish based on reusable criteria, such as sales, contact profiles, and interactions.

Document Management And Interaction

Keep track of your interactions with your contacts, such as phone calls, meetings, and letters, and attach documents like Word, Excel, or TXT files. Other exchanges will be automatically recorded.

Microsoft Exchange Server Email Logging

Keep track of all email communications sent using Business Central or Microsoft Outlook®, both inbound and outgoing. Manual or automatic logging is possible. To maintain email messages in their native environment and for simplicity of use, use a server-based solution with Microsoft Exchange Server.

Management of Opportunities

Keep track of potential sales. To keep track of and manage your sales possibilities, divide your sales procedures into stages.

Integration of Microsoft Dynamics Sales

Integrating Business Central and Sales helps users to make better-informed decisions without switching products, resulting in a more efficient lead-to-cash process.

Management of Sales Orders

Manage the procedures for sales quotations, blanket sales orders, and sales orders. Make partial shipments, ship and invoice individually, utilize quotations and blanket orders, and create prepayment invoices for the sales order.

Pricing And Discounting For Sales Lines

Manage variable item pricing and discount structures that distinguish between specific client agreements and customer groups and are influenced by characteristics like minimum quantity.

Price for a campaign

To provide unique pricing and discounts to consumers and contacts in campaign segments, link sales prices and sales line discounts to sales campaigns. Periods during which prices are valid must be specified.

Services Provide By Us

We offer a full array of services to meet all of your Microsoft Dynamics ERP, CRM, and other business solution requirements.


Following agile procedures and understanding our clients' goals and problems to implement innovative business solutions.


With the greatest post-implementation assistance from our professionals, you can be certain that your business will always be up and running.

Application Management

With our Application Management Service, you can keep current apps up to date and have new ones produced (AMS)

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