Set up bins and zones in Business Central to mimic the structure of your warehouse and its racks and shelves to optimize your storage facilities.

Use a template to identify the appropriate placement of products based on kind, size, and bin capacity to streamline receiving and storage.

Get suggestions on where to rearrange objects to make the most of the available space and the selection process. Cross-docking friction is reduced, which speeds up shipments and reduces friction.

Warehouse Management Software Capabilities

You won't be surprised by a fee because all implementations are fixed-price. We've spent the last two decades honing a speedy deployment and training technique that's tailored to your specific procedures.


Assign goods to bins, the smallest unit in the warehouse's logical structure, to organize it. Bins can be assigned directly to document lines using item journals.

Bin Setup

Define the layout of your warehouse as well as the measurements of your racks, columns, and shelves to set up and manage bins. By establishing bin characteristics, you may contribute to planning.

Inventory Pick and Inventory Put Away

Put away work from released purchase orders and create pick lists from released sales orders. When processing shipments, manage selecting and putting away tasks without opening sales and purchase orders.

Warehouse Receipt

Directly from receipts, create a put-away work. In a multi-order situation, manage receipts from a different user interface.

Warehouse Shipment

Make choosing lists based on the contents of the shipments. In a multi-order scenario, manage warehouse shipments from a different user interface.

Internal Picks and Put Aways

Create internal pick and put-away orders without requiring a source document, for example, to test put-away for production output (such as a purchase order or a sales order).

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Application Management

With our Application Management Service, you can keep current apps up to date and have new ones produced (AMS)

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