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Privacy Policy

iShore Software Solutions may collect and/or track personal information.

Visitors to iShore Software Solutions online service's home server domain names, email addresses, kind of client computer, files downloaded, search engine used, operating system, and kind of web browser

The email addresses of visitors who connect with iShore Software Solutions via email.

Information submitted intentionally by the visitor in online forms, registration forms, surveys, emails, contest submissions, and other online routes (including demographic and personal profile data).

Information on which pages visitors access, both aggregate and user-specific.

Personal data acquired by iShore Software Solutions may be used for editorial and feedback reasons, marketing and promotional reasons, statistical analysis of user activity, product development, content enhancement, or customizing the content and layout of the iShore Software Solutions service. Aggregate data on visitors' home servers may be utilized for internal reasons but will not be shared with other parties such as marketing agencies. Individually identifying information, such as names, postal and email addresses, phone numbers, and other personal information that visitors voluntarily supply to iShore Software Solutions, may be added to iShore Software Solutions databases and utilized for future purposes.

We keep our clients' contact information totally secret and only use it to provide relevant information to them.

We work with long-term committed clients who want Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) services, and offer a monthly rate.

To prevent unauthorized release or access to personal information, iShore Software Solutions has developed a number of security safeguards. For instance, all iShore Software Solutions workers must verify that they understand that personal information is protected and that it is critical to protect personal information. Any employee who refuses to recognize these facts or follow the required standards of behavior will be disciplined by iShore Software Solutions. Please be aware that iShore Software Solutions is not liable for the security of information sent over the Internet (electronic mail services).

iShore Software Solutions retains the right to contact visitors to its online site about sales and other informational requests.

iShore Software Solutions retains the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy at any time and without prior notification. Any modification to this Privacy Policy will be applicable for any visitor who has already accepted the ishoresoftware.com Service Terms and Conditions.

iShore Software Solutions welcomes your comments regarding this Statement of Privacy, please contact us by e-mail, or postal mail.

We keep our clients' contact information totally secret and only use it to provide relevant information to them.

iShore Software Solutions
+1 315 215 3296
H-133, Sector-63, Noida India