Catalog Management Services

As competition becomes rife across different verticals, manufacturers, retailers, suppliers, and distributors need to fast-track the pace at which they introduce new catalogs that showcase their products and services to consumers. Catalogs play an important role in reaching out to potential customers and making key product information available to them. iShore is an expert Catalog Management Services provider and leading companies across verticals have trusted us with their critical business requirements for over many years. With strong capability in the multi-lingual data processing.

  • Catalog Building and Indexing
  • Catalog Updating
  • Catalog Conversion
  • eCommerce Product Catalog Processing

Global Catalog Management Services Providing Company

Through our catalog management outsourcing services, we correctly capture and index different types of information that are featured in scanned catalogs, including product features, shipping policies, prices, warranty information, manufacturing details, and more.

We have the experience of delivering our catalog management services through online, web-based tools directly onto your eCommerce platform, or in an offline document format of your preference for further processing or subsequent upload.

Product catalogs continue to be an important marketing channel for informing customers about the latest offering from the organization and any promotional offers around them. In an increasingly competitive space, building product catalogs on a timely and consistent basis is a critical task that requires focused attention.

Outsourcing to iShore gives you the advantage of having skilled professionals complete all tasks related to catalog data entry and data processing. With the assurance of accuracy and speed of catalog-related deliverables, you can channel your in-house employees and resources into the achievement of strategic objectives and business growth

A catalog's efficacy is determined by how well it communicates the most up-to-date information about your product line. Incorrect or out-of-date product listings can lead to lost revenue and unhappy consumers. While keeping up-to-date information enables your customers to stay informed about your company's progress, updating catalogs for online usage or for the database may be time-consuming, especially for businesses that offer a big number of items.

We ensure that your catalogs and any database-related information represent the most up-to-date information that you require for simplified operations and delighted customers at iShore Software Solutions, a professional catalog updating outsourcing services firm.

Product catalogs must be in the format that is most suitable for the target audience and for ease of information access in order to optimize the efficacy of catalogs as a sales and marketing tool. Data from catalogs is also maintained in inventory databases and manuals, therefore translation into these formats should be as painless as possible. iShore Software Solutions provides the digitalization of catalog data and conversion into the required format for your firm, based on years of expertise offering successful catalog conversion services and back-office BPO procedures.

Many people choose online shopping as their major purchase channel in today's market, and it has become critical for shops to have a strong online presence. iShore, a prominent BPO service provider, provides effective eCommerce catalog processing outsourcing services to help businesses gain a competitive advantage. To give our clients great e-commerce catalogs, iShore combines well-trained staff with considerable knowledge in maintaining and adding product information on eCommerce sites.