iShore Data Sourcing Services

iShore is providing data sourcing services and is one of the most demanding services in the service delivery domain. This service implies providing data from authentic sources. These sources are in the form of a company's database, authentic network database, reliable web sources, physical people network, person-to-person contact, etc. The idea of this service is to provide the data in any form.

  • Real-Time Data Provisioning
  • Data Federation
  • Near Real-Time Data Provisioning

Global Data Sourcing Services Providing Company

Various high-quality public and private resources are used to collect and analyze data by iShore. We are listed as private data source company. We use crowd-sourced data, consent-free data, and private data are other forms of data collected.

At iShore, we pride ourselves on providing the best quality data in the marketplace. With our two flagship products, we help B2B sales teams find customers quickly, with data that is well-sourced and up-to-the-minute.

Real-time data provisioning is performed by two tools SLT (System Landscape Transformation) and Replication Server. The data is fetched by these tools from the source system and pasted to the target system in real-time.

iShore business analytics team quickly grasped the provisioning requirements presented by the existing challenges. We defined a data strategy and roadmap to integrate data from multiple sources, create a data virtualization layer, and provide for data governance.

As iShore data federation allows businesses to gain insights from reports on the most recent data. It enables business users to access real-time data without requiring simple coding knowledge and use it for business intelligence as well as making strategic and operational decisions for their organization.

Two basic tools BODS (Business Objects Data Server) and Informatica are used to perform Near Real-Time Data Provisioning.

These tools is used by iShore fetch both structured and unstructured data and can fine-tune it according to the requirement before pasting it to the target system.