Benefits SharePoint Content Management Solution

Automation of business process in Sharepoint is achieved through Workflows. Sharepoint has 5 built in wokflows available out of the box. More complex and specific business processes can be achieved using Custom Workflows.

  • Optimize your business with Worflow
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Dashboards will help you measure so you can improve
  • Increase employee productivity through simplifying everyday business activities
  • Easily manage and repurpose content
  • Allow company-wide access to various forms of information across different systems
  • Securely connect people far and wide by centralizing content while de-centralizing control
  • Powerful search features help you get what you want with ease

Content Management Software Capabilities

A content management system can help you meet the technical, workflow, regulatory, and other unique challenges your organization faces. Determining the optimal set of features for your content management system will require careful consideration of a number of factors. The specifics of your industry in general will play a large part in establishing your priorities.

Document Management

Enterprise Content Management in SharePoint products and technologies improves productivity provides the following features to help you manage a collection of documents:

Digital Media Management

SharePoint products and technologies have integrated functionality to play and manage digital media content, such as video and audio.

Records Management

The integrated records management capabilities in SharePoint products enable organizations to store and protect business records in their final state. Organizations can apply information management policies to business records. This helps lessen risk of litigation by making sure that the information complies with regulations or corporate business policies.

Web Content Management

The Web Content Management features in enable you to Create and publish content quickly and easily Use familiar tools to create and publish web content in a timely manner, Maintain a consistent look throughout your web sites, Lower deployment and management costs for your web sites

Explore Our Services

iShore specializes in developing unique SharePoint experience for its clients. Catering to the needs of the industries and businesses from the front we continue our legacy of being the best Microsoft SharePoint Development company. We provide the following services for your enterprise:

Customization & Deployment

We help deploy SharePoint solutions using QuickStart services, fully configured, leveraging 'out of box' features to adapt to your specific business needs.

Integration & Migration Services

We integrate SharePoint with enterprise systems of any complexity and deployment type. Sound understanding of SharePoint object model and database schema helps us extract data and migrate you to the latest version of SharePoint and Office365 Cloud.

Maintenance & Support

We offer ongoing maintenance, enhancement and support through remote and onsite services.