Our Expertise

IoT is marking our day-to-day objects with machine-readable identification tags. Sensors may be coupled with these tags to assimilate information about the conditions the everyday objects and those present around them.

The same applies to various companies where advanced computing will be leveraged to keep track of the stock available and resources and maintain them to optimum levels, thus saving a lot of time and money. This, along with large amounts of data to analyze and inference upon, keeping a track of multiple devices through a single source, considerable amounts of time savings and the significant amount of money saved definitely makes IoT a game-changer. Q3 has profound expertise in developing IoT based solutions for our customers.

IoT Solutions From iShore

IoT technology can have a profound impact on every area of your organization, from your infrastructure and analytics to your IT security. Discover how we help:


Connected devices are on the rise. As a result, IoT security is a big priority. See how we can help you protect everything, from your endpoints and analytics, to your platform.


Data from connected technology can help you meet changing business requirements. It can help you make better informed decisions. And it’s easy to analyze with our tools.


We have a range of technologies from sensors to wearable technology, networking to edge computing and from cloud services to devices. We can help create the right IoT solution for you.

Expand Your Business With IoT

Internet of Things (IoT) is taking over almost everything around us. We understand the role of mobility in connecting the devices to Internet and our team of dedicated developers deliver next generation solutions. Zaptech Solutions, is capable of building high quality IoT solutions that drive growth.

Smart Healthcare

Our healthcare industry solutions provide accurate results to doctors and medical practitioners that results in better prediction of health issues and proactive treatment plans. Real-time data helps doctors and physicians to provide improved care quality and reduced care costs.

Smart Retail

The retail industry can use IoT to improve communication between the customers and retail store owners. It helps retailers drive operational efficiency with better facilities management to reduce costs and maximize profits. Internet of Things helps retailers make better connections with their customers.

Smart Home

Get complete control over your home and transform home efficiency. IoT offers enhanced connectivity between you and your home. We deliver end-to-end smart home solutions and make your lives easier and more comfortable.

Smart Manufacturing

IoT-enabled systems help manufacturing firms to automate their processes and boost the productivity as well as efficiency. We, at Zaptech Solutions, specialize in helping manufacturing agencies set up IoT systems in factories, warehouses, and supply chain operations. Predictive analytics solutions provide actionable insights to manufacturers to make better strategic decision making.

Smart Office

We as a custom software development company offer smart office solution to manage your workplace. It becomes easy and efficient to manage your office and employees on a timely basis. Business owners can manage everything in a smarter and faster way with smart office solutions from Zaptech Solutions. We also help you improve the productivity of your office and employees by adding senors to your workplace.

IShore’s IoT Capabilities

We offer easily deployable solutions for enterprises that gather data from sensors to provide actionable business insights.


We seamlessly connect the physical with the digital. We create new connected products and renew standalone products into smart ones which are capable of doing more.

Development & Texting

We provide Development (Data science, UX/UI and 3rd party system integration) as well as Testing services (including Users Acceptance Tests – UAT and Certification)


We help companies manage and maintain services across the IoT stack through our IoT solutions.